As a 24 year old I had a dream. This was to open and run a fitness centre that focused on people. I realised this dream in October of 1999. With the backing of my family I went out with Joan, my mum and started Ormond Health and Fitness. My mission statement was “to make people smile when they walked in, make them smile when they are here and make them smile when they leave.” I wanted to give the best personalised service with passion and fun that I could.

Now just shy of 19 years later the gym is almost as old as I was when we began this journey. Just like all teenagers turning 20 parents need to step away and let them grow, we too are in this phase with Ormond Health and Fitness.

With much love and no regret we sadly announce that we have sold the business and we will be closing the doors on Monday 27th of August at 9pm.

Its very important to note that we (Joan,Craig,Bec,Chris,Louise and now Zephyr as well as our many staff) will miss you all. We have grown up together over the past 19 years and wish you all the most love and happiness possible.

We don’t know what the new owners will be doing however we do know that the doors will close on the 27th. A new gym may pop up in time, however Im not privy to this information.

If you have upfront memberships your monies will be returned to you shortly after the sale.

Please note that its business as usual with all your classes running up until 9pm on Monday 27th of August 2018.

Thank you to all of you for your friendship, fun times, hard times, learning times, fitter times as well as the not fitter times. You all hold a very special place in my heart that will never diminish.

Love and happiness in life and fitness!


David Trotter
Managing Director/Exercise Physiologist
Ormond Health and Fitness

  03 9578 5747