Class Descriptions

  • Les Mills - BODY ATTACK - The sports inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina!
  • Les Mills - BODY PUMP - The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. Weights to music in an aerobic format!
  • Spin - Cycle in a group, to great music, a great fat burner.
  • Yoga - Gentle flowing movements to strengthen your body, relax your mind and open your heart. Based on ancient techniques, refined for the modern world.
  • Bootcamp - Early morning madness, a class to make you sweat. Based on outdoor training techniques.
  • Punch - Boxing class focusing on upper body and cardio fitness.
  • Pilates - Upbeat pilates designed for the gym environment, with all the benefit of rehabilitation, core strengthening and stability for the modern person.  
  • ABS- Express Core strengthening at its best. A condensed class of 15 minutes of pure stomach and core! get your abs in shape in 6 weeks with a few of these a week.

Contact Details

Address: 1 Newham Grove, Ormond, Victoria, 3204


Google Maps: See our location online.

Call: 9578 5747

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