Specialty Programs

Education Pack

*Free Pgm’s/Exercise Prescription For Life.

Programming every 4-6 weeks for the duration of your membership. This includes an hour with an instructor, going through a tailored program. Focusing on technique, posture and best practice. You will be educated!

Note: single programs Cost $50 per hour session!

Weight Management program

*Diet Analysis and Diet Booklette.

We will run through the basics of weight loss, with a focus on the two rules that will change your understanding of food! You will learn about your metabolic rate and how much energy you can consume each day. You will gain an understanding of how foods affect you and we will answer any questions you have about the science of food and diet.

We will work with you to complete a food/exercise diary and analyze this in detail.
We will follow up regularly your progress and measure your improvements in a non invasive and easy to understand format.

Note: Education Pack/ Weight Management Program is supplementary to your membership costings and is a once off payment at the beginning of your membership. Cost varies. Enquire at reception for more details.



Exercise Physiology and Exercise Rehabilitation

Our resident exercise physiologist, David, will guide you through your recovery, with a gentile and scientific approach to getting you back to your old self.

We work closely with your physicians to rehabilitate and recover from mild to severe injury's and or operations.
David is a university graduate with over 20 years experience rehabilitation all manner of ailments, injury's and conditions.

Contact David on our email below for details on how we can set out your personalized recovery!


Contact Details

Address: 1 Newham Grove, Ormond, Victoria, 3204

Email: ormondhf@yahoo.com.au

Google Maps: See our location online.

Call: 9578 5747

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